Innovating e-Learning 2010

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Innovating e-Learning 2010 by Mind Map: Innovating e-Learning 2010

1. Theme 1. Realising the Potential

1.1. Keynote

1.1.1. Learning to Live in Interesting Times (Keri Facer)

1.2. Session 2: Developing a Culture of Blended Learning Innovation

1.3. Session 3: What students really want?

1.4. Q&A Panel Discussion

1.4.1. Identifying key innovations and drivers for change

1.4.2. How can HE and FE respond to these changes

2. Theme 2. Realising the Value

2.1. Keynote

2.1.1. How to get your innovations adopted and change the world (Anne Miller)

2.2. Session 1: Is the Future Mobile?

2.3. Session 2: Sustaining Innovation in Curriculum Delivery

2.4. Session 3: Opening up Learning

2.5. Q&A Panel Discussion

2.5.1. Key points for embedding and sustaining innovations

3. Closing Keynote

3.1. Shaping our Future - Elliott Massie