Past Tenses

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Past Tenses by Mind Map: Past Tenses

1. Past Continious

1.1. 1)When you want to show that a longer action was interrupted by a shorter action. 2) When you want to show that 2 actions are happening at the same time. 3) When you want to show that the Past Continuous is interrupted by a shorter action in the Simple Past.

1.1.1. Examples I was cooking when you called me. I was running while I was drinking water. Subject + was/were + verb with ing + complement

2. Past simple

2.1. 1)We use the simple past when an action started and finished in the past. 2) We use simple past to list a series of completed actions in the past.

2.1.1. Examples I liked hot-dogs, but now I dont. I played soccer when I was 3. Subject + verb in simple past + complement

3. Past Perfect

3.1. 1)The Past Perfect expresses the idea that something occurred before another action in the past. 2) It can also show that something happened before a specific time in the past

3.1.1. Examples I had reserveded a hotel to stay tonight. I had visited my grandma. Subject + had + verb in past participle + complement