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1. It has many functions

1.1. Get files and share from anywhere

1.1.1. I took an entire IPADs in Education Course where we only used DropBox - not one piece of paper!- K.Maguire

1.2. Keep Photos & Videos Safe

1.3. Work on slides/docs together updated automaticaly in real time

1.3.1. I think this is very important, especially with how often computer batteries die or they crash. Not having to remember to save it can be a lifesaver! C.Loring F. Adams- dropbox can be used to help backup work

1.3.2. J. Bugay: Very important, especially with the rise of online learning, where today students, and teacher, are asked to collaborate more often with people they have never met.

2. Social Media Productivity Tool

2.1. Found on Edudemic.com

3. Can be used for Teaching

3.1. Teachers can use to share info

3.2. School docs can be stored here to save memory/speed up computer

3.3. Good way to keep orgagnized

4. Can be used for Learning: Blooms Digital Taxonomy

4.1. *REMEMBERING /: Retrieving, locating, finding *CREATE / Design, construct using PPT on Drop Box. *EVALUATE each others work sharing documents with real time auto updating.

4.1.1. S. Feerrar: I do not have much experience with Dropbox, but in a previous group assignments my one group member used it often. This sounds like a nice way to allow sharing between team members. I am really enjoying how much interaction can be performed through many tools. This works great within our learning community, as many of us live so far from each other. When it comes to utilizing it withing an elementary classroom, I think it would be beneficial to use with students who are out sick, on homebound or even in different locations.

5. F.Adams-Free service that allows documents to be shared.

6. This would be a great tool to use to share extensive curriculum related information with parents. Octavia