Digital Citizenship

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Digital Citizenship by Mind Map: Digital Citizenship

1. Protect yourself/others

1.1. Digital Rights and Responsibility

1.1.1. Sense of identity, privacy and ownership

1.2. Digital Safety (security)

1.2.1. Do not reveal personal info online

1.2.2. Identity Theft

1.2.3. "Think before you click

1.3. Digital Health and Welfare

1.3.1. Many resources available

1.3.2. Well being in a digital world

2. Respect yourself/others

2.1. Digital Access

2.1.1. Acceptable use

2.1.2. Particiapation in society

2.2. Digital Etiquette

2.2.1. Proper behaviour

2.2.2. Electronic Standards of conduct

2.2.3. Few people engage in ethical thinking when online

2.3. Digital Law

2.3.1. Bullying

2.3.2. Responsibility for actions and needs

3. Educate yourself/connect with others

3.1. Digital Literacy

3.1.1. Teaching and Learning about technology

3.1.2. Prepare students to fully participate in a world thats here to stay

3.2. Digital Communication

3.2.1. Increased through the internet

3.2.2. Electronic exchange of information

3.2.3. Students are creators of infomation, not just consumes

3.3. Digital Commerce

3.3.1. Electronic buying and selling

3.3.2. Google yourself?