Web Awareness/Digital Citizenship

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Web Awareness/Digital Citizenship by Mind Map: Web Awareness/Digital Citizenship

1. Digital Citizenship

1.1. Rules and behaviour online - BE RESPECTFUL

1.2. -Confident use - Effective use

1.3. Many possibilities

1.3.1. Unlimited information

1.3.2. Connect

1.3.3. New experiences

1.4. Dangers exist - Especially when uneducated

1.4.1. Issues in Identity

1.4.2. Issues in Ownership

1.4.3. Issues in Trustworthiness

1.4.4. Issues in Privacy

1.4.5. Issues in Participation

1.4.6. Many kids do not know HOW to protect themselves online Social use of technology - Bullying - Bad influences - Strangers Low adult supervision Conversations about internet use are beneficial Issue: Sexually Explicit Images/Pornography Store explicit information Accidental or intentional exposure Possible consequences: - Create sexual thoughts or questions - Premature sexualization - Increase in problematic behaviour - Create problems in relationships - Lead to sexual experimentation Parent Proactivity: - Be aware and set usage limits - Supervise children during their usage - Have open discussions with children regarding Internet usage and potentially dangerous items that can be found

1.4.7. Respect for themselves, others, and ownership of documents and publications online Etiquette Access Law "Netiquette" - similar to real life etiquette, rules for how we should behave online Communicating clearly Ask permission before posting/sending The Internet is NOT private

1.4.8. Cyberbullying

1.5. Future technologically filled society

1.5.1. EDUCATION - You and others Literacy Communication Comnerce

1.6. Nine Elements

1.6.1. 1. Digital Access 2. Digital Commerce 3. Digital Communication 4. Digital Literacy 5. Digital Etiquette 6. Digital Law 7. Digital Rights & Responsibilities 8. Digital Health & Wellness 9. Digital Security (self-protection) DIGITAL SECURITY (SELF-PROTECTION)


3. Issue with keeping up to date with rapidly innovating technologies

4. Teacher Views/Actions

4.1. No usage

4.2. Total usage

4.3. Filtering systems

5. Web Awareness

5.1. Digital Literacy

5.1.1. 3 Principles Use: - Technical fluency or technical know how Understand: - Comprehend and evaluate - Make good decisions Create: - Communicate with digital media

5.1.2. Includes: Media Literacy: Use of different media forms Technology Literacy: Computer tasks Information Literacy: How and where to find information Visual Literacy: Understanding visuals Communication Literacy: Use of multiple sources Social Literacy: skills needed to successfully participate in society online

5.1.3. Classroom Applications/Uses Use technology to build upon learning experiences that are designed to simulate real world experiences Teacher as helper, facilitator or "co-learner" Train new teachers to successfully use technology to fulfill Learning Outcomes Do not place high restrictions on student Internet use. Rather, create expectations and rules for Internet use and give the students the responsibility to follow these rules and expectations

6. Authenticity

6.1. Careful consideration of the source

6.1.1. Evaluation Criteria Authority Coverage Objectivity Accuracy Currency

6.2. Applies to everything - even e-mails can be invalid or false

7. Privacy

7.1. Personal Publishing: - pictures, comments, videos, artwork, blog posts, stories, etc. - Many issues

7.1.1. Audience: - Who can see what you post - The Internet is public, and anyone can find and view what you have posted - You do not have complete control over what you post, and although you think only certain people can see your posts, you are usually wrong

7.1.2. Anonymity: -Screen names or aliases are one way people try to protect their privacy - Does not inhibit the ability to trace a post back to you digitally

7.1.3. Permanence: - You think you deleted an item - Moved or shared -> now available elsewhere

7.1.4. Copyright: - Take credit for your own work - Cite the work of others - Ask for permission from original author

7.1.5. Free Speech: - Don't write whatever you want - Be responsible - Follow the law