Digital Citizenship

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Digital Citizenship by Mind Map: Digital Citizenship

1. Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship

1.1. digital access

1.2. digital commerce

1.3. digital communication

1.4. digital literacy

1.5. digital etiquette

1.6. digital law

1.7. digital rights and responsibilities

1.8. digital health and wellness

1.9. digital security (self-protection)

2. Netiquette

2.1. a set of rules for how to behave online

2.1.1. responsible terminology

2.1.2. compassion

2.1.3. respect

2.1.4. never write in all capitals

3. Ethical Issues

3.1. participation

3.2. identity

3.3. privacy

3.4. ownership

3.5. trustworthiness

4. Internet Safety

4.1. Media Smarts

4.1.1. Media Images Body Image Gender Representation Diversity in Media Intellectual Property Marketing and Consumerism Violence

4.2. Digital Issues

4.2.1. Cyberbullying

4.2.2. Cybersecurity ex. snapchat ex. smartphone pictures anything online is accessible

4.2.3. Excessive Internet Use

4.2.4. Gambling

4.2.5. Online Hate

4.2.6. Online Ethics

4.2.7. Online Marketing

4.2.8. Privacy

4.2.9. Pornography Impacts of Sexually Explicit Material

4.2.10. Sexual Exploitation

4.2.11. Sexting

4.3. The internet CAN pose a huge threat

4.3.1. there are unhealthy sites to be avoided

4.3.2. it is easy to provide too much personal information

4.3.3. it is a platform to sell commercial products

4.3.4. there if information that needs to be critically scrutinized

4.3.5. intellectual property of authors can easily be violated copyright copyright laws protect and acknowledge the intellectual rights of author or artist

5. Authenticity of Web Resources

5.1. Evaluation Criteria

5.1.1. authority

5.1.2. coverage

5.1.3. objectivity

5.1.4. accuracy

5.1.5. currency

6. The best filter is the one between your ears

7. Think before you click

8. Ability to navigate information superhighway online