Social Media in Business

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Social Media in Business by Mind Map: Social Media in Business

1. Twitter

1.1. Twitter is a social media platform that many businesses use to promote their product and their business.

1.2. It is very important for businesses to maintain a strong presence on Twitter as there are so many posts on Twitter a day, you must post often in order for people to see your posts.

2. Instagram

2.1. Instagram is a social media website where companies can post about their products in the form of a picture with a short caption.

2.2. It is important for the content of a companies Instagram to be interesting to their target audience, as most people are interested in seeing things that are appealing to them while scrolling their feed.

3. Costumer Reviews

3.1. Costumer reviews of products are very important because many people will read reviews before purchasing a product.

3.1.1. If there are negative reviews of a product on your website or any other website, they must be addressed properly and apologetically.

3.2. It is important to maintain a good costumer review portion of your website as well as on other websites that review services such as Yelp.

4. Advertising on Social Media

4.1. While many people pay a lot of attention to advertising that is put on social medias such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, it is a very expensive form of advertising.

4.1.1. Wh

4.2. Many websites use information from people's search history or "cookies" to entice costumers to buy that product that they were looking at most recently on the Internet

5. LinkedIn

5.1. LinkedIn is a social media platform that is used to connect with companies with people who may either want to use their services, do business with them, or even try to apply for a job with a specific company.

5.1.1. It is very important to maintain a professional LinkedIn for your company as it is a very popular way to search for companies whom you may want to do business with.

6. The Internet is now a large platform for companies

6.1. Almost every single person in this country uses the computer and goes on the Internet on a regular basis.

6.1.1. Therefore, it is very important for companies to maintain a professional appearance on all forms of social media at all times.

6.1.2. Many companies can run solely through the Internet, and e-commerce is at a high right now making it almost impossible for any company to run without use of the Internet.