Promotion product for ISS

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Promotion product for ISS by Mind Map: Promotion product for ISS

1. Cost

1.1. Poster - 100$

1.2. SNS - 150$

1.3. video - 200$

2. What should I consider for audience's nationalities

2.1. Use 2 most used language in the world

2.2. Make product that can make every to understand without understanding language

2.3. Just use English since it is world widely used language

3. ways of promoting

3.1. Poster

3.1.1. It needs to be in different languages because the audience is from all around the world.


3.2. video

3.2.1. It needs to be different depend on audience. The language we use and the structure that audience understand is different.


3.3. SNS


3.3.2. If audience is parents it isn't good idea because only few of parents does SNS like facebook

3.4. promotional flyer

3.4.1. It is easy to show and make. Easy to give to audience


3.5. banner

3.5.1. lots of people can see but expensive


3.6. blog


3.6.2. easy to make but it is hard to show many people

3.7. audio


3.7.2. hard to do because it is not easy to put it in radio station

3.8. Article


3.8.2. good for putting lots of information but might be boring

3.9. Pamphlet

3.9.1. not so much information but easy to read


4. Why do we have to promote

4.1. Today lots of people are thinking or having immigration because of education so it is important to inform them about education.

5. Who is our client?

5.1. Mr.Bell

5.1.1. Promoting swimming gala

5.2. Ms.Tretter

5.2.1. Music class

5.2.2. Mother Tongue class

5.3. Mr. Kim

5.3.1. Korean Class

6. Who is our audience?

6.1. Students

6.1.1. Promote in way that will make students remember better and it needs to promote school's fun and interesting parts.

6.2. Parents

6.2.1. It needs to have information based on education and structure should be simple so that parents don't get confused.

7. How does promotional product effect audience?

7.1. Will have positive or negative view

7.2. Will get interest

8. What I must put

8.1. element that represent ISS

8.1.1. ISS Sloogan - realising potential

8.1.2. ISS logo color - orange black purple

9. Audience

9.1. students

9.1.1. age 12-18 can have harder information but overall it should be interesting so that they don't lose their concentration

9.1.2. age 5-12 needs to attract their interest needs to be very easy to understand

9.2. Parents (adult)

9.2.1. needs to use structure that will not confuse audience

9.2.2. mainly about information