How influential was the roman catholic church.

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How influential was the roman catholic church. by Mind Map: How influential was the roman catholic church.

1. Charlemagne encouraged the church to teach people

2. Art and architecture most art was made for religious purposes most of the time. Medieval art and architecture found their most glorious expression in cathedrals.

3. education most schooling took place in monasteries, convents, and cathedrals. This pattern was established under Charlemagne, who encouraged the Church to teach people to read and write.Starting in the 1200s, cathedral schools gave rise to universities. Students in universities studied Latin grammar and rhetoric, logic, geometry, arithmetic, astronomy, and music.

4. holidays Medieval Europeans enjoyed many festivals that marked important days of the year. Most of these celebrations were connected in some way to the Church. Two of the main medieval holidays were Christmas and Easter. Other favorite holiday entertainments included bonfires, acrobats and jugglers.

5. a Christmas tree was used during Christmas

6. Art inside a church