learning theories in Mindmeister

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learning theories in Mindmeister by Mind Map: learning theories in Mindmeister

1. Behaviorism

1.1. Skinner

1.1.1. Operant conditioning (Direct connect between strengthen and Response) Positive strenthen Enhance profitable study behaviour Negative strengthen Weaken adverse study behavior

2. constructive

2.1. Jean Piaget

2.1.1. four stage Sensori-motor stage 0-2 years Pre-operational Preconceptual 2-4years s Intuitive4-7 years Concrete operations 7-11/12 years Formal operations 11/12 upward

2.2. Bruner

2.2.1. knowledge frame discovery study & collaborative study platform distance learning in expanded community

2.2.2. instinct thought

2.2.3. automatic learning

3. Social Cultural

3.1. Vygotsky

3.1.1. Situation learning 3D Animation

4. Cognitive science(Information Processing)

4.1. Researching Fields

4.1.1. perception

4.1.2. Attention

4.1.3. representation

4.1.4. memory deep level processing mind map double coding theory (Paivio) Shallow level processing short term memory

4.2. Newell

4.2.1. Experimantal data

4.2.2. Intelligent Organism flexibly react to stimuli

4.2.3. Unified Theory of Cognition (UTC)