Demonstrative Pronouns.

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Demonstrative Pronouns. by Mind Map: Demonstrative Pronouns.

1. These (this / these) is for two or more things we want to point out that are relatively close to us and we can almost touch. Example: these chairs.

2. That (this / that / that / which / that) this is when we are talking about something that is far away or out of reach. Example: This is a good shade.

3. This (this / that / that) is when an object is one thing and close or hand. Example: you like this hat.

4. What are the demonstrative pronouns?

4.1. These are used to determine the location of people or things.

5. What are the characteristics of the demonstrative pronouns?

5.1. They do not have a gender: That is a goal or a demonstrative pronoun can be used for male or female noun.

6. Influential amount: On the other hand, if there is a difference in the number of substantive talks when singular or plural.

6.1. Proximity is considered: The underlying theme is the time to talk about it.

7. Singular demonstrative pronouns?

8. Demonstrative pronouns are plural?

9. Those (these / these / these / those) away. Examples: those chairs that are in the room.

10. These four demonstration can be used as an adjective or pronoun depending on how you want to structure the sentence following the rule of the number and proximity.