Life is What you Make it !

How the World Works !

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Life is What you Make it ! by Mind Map: Life is What you Make it !

1. WE are deceived when we:

1.1. are lazy

1.2. lack preception

1.3. aren't thinking clearly

1.4. accept authorities, institutions over reason

2. What limits our ability to think clearly, freely ? Holding to:

2.1. old ideas, ways of thinking

2.2. friends, colleagues, news, popular - accepted ideas

2.3. stubborn, closed mind, opinions, former learning

2.4. fear of lost or change to family, job, property

3. Grow by Learning

3.1. Friends make learning fun

3.2. Learn thru Language

3.3. Read, Watch, Listen, discuss

3.4. Computers, software, skills increase ability & learning

3.5. Internet - fast, cheap, abundant resources

4. Greed drives some to deceive

5. New node