Smart Goals

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Smart Goals by Mind Map: Smart Goals

1. Personal

1.1. Take more pictures

1.1.1. Start taking my camera everywhere

1.1.2. stop and take the time to take pictures

1.1.3. go pretty places

1.1.4. start this now

1.2. Find my own dream

1.2.1. experiment in different subjects to see what I like

1.2.2. when I find something I like pursue it

1.2.3. Don't listen to people who say I can't or won't succeed

1.2.4. When? start now.

1.3. Scuba dive

1.3.1. make plans to go scuba diving in Hawaii during my graduation trip to Hawaii

1.3.2. carry out these plans

1.4. swim with dolphins 2016

1.4.1. save up money each month

1.4.2. discuss doing this on my graduation trip to Hawaii with my parents

1.4.3. make the plan (when, where)

1.5. See the floating lanterns

1.6. Culinary Goals

1.6.1. Blanch- end of the year go to class pay attention in class get competency

1.6.2. Homemade pasta- end of the year see above

1.6.3. napkin fold- end of the year see above

1.7. Go to Harry potter world

1.7.1. Wait until the park opens in california- this summer

1.7.2. Make plans to go there with in the next year

1.7.3. Save up money

1.7.4. Make plans with friends or family to go there

2. Financial

2.1. Travel the world 2020

2.1.1. study abroad

2.1.2. learn if I even like traveling by studying abroad

2.1.3. save extra money each month

2.1.4. possibly find a job that causes me to travel

2.1.5. travel

2.2. See the northern lights

2.2.1. save extra money every month

2.2.2. find out the best place and time to see the lights

2.2.3. plan the trip (when, where)

2.2.4. do it

2.3. Go to europe

2.3.1. decide where I want to go

2.3.2. study abroad here

2.4. go on a saffari

2.5. Go to the galapagos

3. Professional

3.1. Learn Sign Language 2016

3.1.1. Learn by the end of senior year

3.1.2. Make learning sign language my senior project

3.1.3. Find a mentor

3.1.4. Learn sign language

3.2. Get my pilots licence by 2019-2020

3.2.1. Save extra money each month

3.2.2. complete the requirements of 35 hours flight time and 15 hours of ground training

3.2.3. Pass the written test and the flight test

3.3. Study abroad

3.3.1. see this goal under other.

3.4. be a voice actor for disney 2019

3.4.1. do research on the requirements

3.4.2. work hard to meet any requirements

3.4.3. research when auditions are

3.4.4. go to these auditions

3.5. be a tour guide who takes people whale watching

4. Other

4.1. Go to college

4.1.1. Graduate high school -June 2016

4.1.2. Finish and submit college applications

4.1.3. Finish and submit financial aid and scholarship applications

4.1.4. Choose what college I want to go to based on acceptance letters

4.1.5. Go to that college

4.2. choose a college to go to

4.2.1. Look at what each school that has accepted me offers again

4.2.2. Decide which school has the best opportunities for me by april 30th

4.2.3. Send in my intent to enroll deposit no latter than may 1st

4.3. Study Abroad

4.3.1. Choose a college that offers a study abroad program

4.3.2. follow steps to going to go to college.(above goal)

4.3.3. go one of the colleges that I am accepted to that has an exchange or study abroad program

4.3.4. apply for that program

4.3.5. decide where I want to study abroad

4.3.6. do it

4.4. Write a book 2019-2020

4.4.1. write down all my ideas

4.4.2. start writing everyday or every other day

4.4.3. keep writing even when I loose interest in the topic

4.4.4. self edit and have someone else edit

4.4.5. make needed corrections

4.5. publish a book 2020

4.5.1. write a book(see above steps)

4.5.2. learn how to self publish a book

4.5.3. do it