Activity 3: Pre-Assessment for Differentiation

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Activity 3: Pre-Assessment for Differentiation by Mind Map: Activity 3: Pre-Assessment for Differentiation

1. the 12 students who have some knowledge

1.1. Vocabulary terms

1.2. Measurments using protractor

1.3. Work in pairs

2. the 5 students who appear to have limited knowledge

2.1. Work with ordered pairs

2.2. Evaluate expressions

2.3. Idea 3

3. outline an innovative differentiation strategy for the three groups

3.1. Geometry Arcade, students that perform well on the preassessment

3.2. Ready or Not, students in the middle range of scores.

3.3. Rhodes Scholars, students that need reinforcement.

4. the 5 students who answered most, including the most difficult

4.1. Geometry computer games to reinforce topic

4.2. Work in pairs

4.3. Help other students understand

5. assessments that I will use to track students

5.1. Quizzes

5.2. Flash cards

5.3. Computer games