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organization by Mind Map: organization

1. Organization is formed to harness the collective power of the individuals, so that a a goal bigger than the capacity of any individual can possibly be achieved.

1.1. e.g. building a Pyramid

2. A leader forms an organization to impose their individual ideology to a greater number of people, so a goal bigger than his own individual capacity can possibly be achieved.

2.1. e.g. Form a political party

3. A person joins an organization to better protect his person interest with the help of other members of the same organization

3.1. e.g. insurance

4. In conclusion,

5. The structure of an organization

5.1. The number of hierarchies

5.1.1. What's wrong with the middle mgt?

5.2. The relationship between different hierachies

5.2.1. Authority

5.2.2. Responsibility

6. Models

6.1. Ant colony

6.1.1. big and flat

6.2. Tribe

6.2.1. small and flat

6.3. central adminisation

6.3.1. big and deep with all authority concentrating on the top e.g. a typical gov

6.4. Feudal

6.4.1. big and deep with distributed across different layers berkshire hathaway