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Disabilities by Mind Map: Disabilities

1. Autism Spectrum Disorder

1.1. Asperger Syndrome

1.2. Rett Syndrome

1.3. Childhood Disintegrative Disorder

1.4. Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified

1.5. Austism

2. Deaf-Blindness

3. Deafness

3.1. Conductive Hearing Losses

3.2. Sensorineural Hearing Losses

3.3. Mixed Hearing Loss

3.4. Central Hearing Loss

4. Developmental Delay

4.1. Physical Development

4.2. Cognitive Development

4.2.1. Down Syndrome

4.3. Communication Development

4.4. Social or Emotional Development

4.5. Adaptive Development

4.6. Lucia is a very sweet girl. She has Down-Syndrome. She was diagnosed at a very early age and received individualized therapy for her particular situation. Thanks to inclusion, she was able to go to regular private school and receive the same tuition as other kids. She needs very thorough explanations and needs activities to improve her gross and motors skills. She was able to learn how to write and read. as well as to communicate with others. She is still at school and we have some high expectations!

5. Emotional Disturbance

5.1. Anxiety Disorders

5.2. Bipolar Disorders

5.3. Conduct Disorders

5.4. Eating Disorders

5.5. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

5.6. Psychotic Disorders

5.7. Patrick is a boy with Emotional Disturbance. He would get mad for no apparent reason. He would also get frustrated when tasks where difficult. This boy is smart, however, he does not know how to manage his emotions. When a new teacher came, he would act aggressively, kick others under the table and not cooperate with the situations. Teachers needed to be firm with boundaries and consequences. As teachers, we tried to manage the situations as we could and would let him know which behaviors were not acceptable.

6. Hearing Impairment

6.1. Wascar was a student with a hearing impairment problem. His problem was mild so it was not diagnosed until he was in Middle School. He had some speech problems. A Special Educator decided to work with him and give him therapy. She realized that his speech impairment could be due to his hearing impairment, so she got him to get tested. After getting the test result, it was confirmed, Wascar had a hearing impairment. He received therapy for his speech and got a hearing aid for his ear. After that, his behavior in school improved as well as his grades. Now, he is a succesful man with a casting company.

7. Intellectual Disability

7.1. A child with Intellectual Disability will learn at a slower pace than others.

8. Multiple Disability

9. Orthopedic Impairment

9.1. Congenital Abnomaly

9.1.1. Absence of a member

9.2. By Disease

9.2.1. Bone Tuberculosis

9.3. Other Causes

9.3.1. Cerebral Palsy

9.3.2. Amputations

10. Other Health Impairment

10.1. ADD and AD/HD

10.2. Diabetes

10.3. Epilepsy

10.4. Heart Conditions

10.5. Hemophilia

10.6. Lead Poisoning

10.7. Leukemia

10.8. Nephritis

10.9. Rheumatic Fever

10.10. Sickle Cell Anemia

10.11. Tourette Syndrome

10.12. Other

10.13. Asthma

11. Speech or Language Impariment

11.1. Articulation Disorder

11.2. Fluency

11.3. Voice

11.4. Language

12. Traumatic Brain Injury

12.1. Cognitive

12.2. Emotional

12.3. Motor

13. Visual Impairment including Blindness

13.1. Strabismus

13.2. Congenital Cataracts

13.3. Retinopathy of Prematurity

13.4. Retinitis Pigmentosa

13.5. Coloboma

13.6. Optic Nerve Hypoplasia

13.7. Cortical Visual Impairment

14. Specific Learning Disability

14.1. Dyslexia

14.2. Dysgraphia

14.3. Dyscalcula