The Brain Game

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The Brain Game by Mind Map: The Brain Game

1. Student Game App

1.1. Gaming will answer key questions

1.1.1. Why learn about the brain?

1.1.2. How does understanding how the brain works impact: social life? sports? learning?

1.2. Hero's Journey Archetype

1.2.1. Threshold Brain World Tools and Sub Settings challenge sequence

1.2.2. Mentor Max Axiom

1.2.3. Guide Sci Girls

1.2.4. Challenge Conquer and Control the three levels Neurons

1.2.5. Avatar Earn powers which follow the evolutionary brain/behavior sequence Reptile Mammal Homo Sapien Sapien

2. Parent Information App

2.1. Topical

2.1.1. Sleep

2.1.2. Drugs

2.1.3. Nutrition

2.1.4. Etc.

2.2. Parent Wellness


2.3. Parent - Tween & Teen Relationships

3. Teacher Information App and website

3.1. Why study the brain?

3.2. Brain Basics

3.2.1. Debunking Myths

3.3. Wellness

3.3.1. Stress Reduction REFRESHER

3.4. Pedagogy Implications

3.5. Curriculum

3.5.1. T Wellness PD

3.5.2. T Brain basics PD

3.5.3. T Pedagogy Implications PD

3.5.4. Scope and Sequence Modules With NGSS & CC

3.5.5. Brain Basics support Discipline Practcies Positive Discipline

4. The Idea!

4.1. Vroom

4.2. Why Middle School

4.2.1. Drop in interest in STEM

4.2.2. If not at grade level by 8th in more than one subject then 50% chance of HS graduation

4.2.3. Hormones impact the brain development

4.2.4. More research Thesis: Brain based teaching and metacognition can build neural connections, boosting student wellness, motivation and achievement.

4.3. Why a game?

4.3.1. It is a constant iterative challenge cycle

4.3.2. Seems to mirror brain based teaching constructs

4.3.3. Use a game as a game changer to teach brain basics and empower students, families and teachers