Multimedia Applications in Education

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Multimedia Applications in Education by Mind Map: Multimedia Applications  in Education

1. Keeping Current

1.1. Tools

1.1.1. RSS Reader Multiple blogs Efficient

1.1.2. Feeds Free Technology for Teachers BoomWriter ShareMyLesson Lisa Neilson: The Innovative Educator Classroom ->Learning Studio Google SMS Translate TechLearning Current events in EdTech Community Digital Portfolios

1.2. Topics

1.2.1. Education

1.2.2. New Resources

1.2.3. Classroom Application

2. Encouraging Creativity

2.1. TEDTalks

2.1.1. Education Revolution Industrial vs. Agriculture Learning Hierarchy Academic Inflation Individualized Learning

2.1.2. Creativity Play Explore Build Role

2.1.3. Experiementing Mistakes ->Innovations Imagination Discovery

2.2. Lesson Idea

2.2.1. ReadWriteThink

2.2.2. Creative Writing lesson Characters Setting Problem Solution

2.2.3. Wordless Picture Books Students creating their own stories

3. Organizing Information

3.1. Mind Mapping

3.1.1. Visualization of Information

3.1.2. Central Idea Sub-topics

3.1.3. Mind Meister Arrangement Links and Linking Lines Graphics Content Text Design

3.2. Concept Mapping

3.2.1. Relationships between ideas

3.2.2. Structuring thought

4. Expressing Information

4.1. Infographics

4.1.1. Kathy Schrock Infographics as Assessment Tools

4.1.2. Visual Representation of Data Types Statistical Timeline Informational Gameboard Metophore Personal Preference Interactive

4.1.3. My Infographic Venngage Childhood Literacy 3rd grade is major turning point in future success Problems Solutions

5. Protecting Your Digital Tattoo

5.1. Juan Enriquez

5.1.1. Digital life as permanent as a tattoo

5.2. Topics of Interest

5.2.1. Academic Integrity and Plagiarism

5.2.2. Personal Online Safety/Security

5.2.3. Bullying Policies Teachers Students Facing Histories School Bullying Initiative Class meetings Peer Mediation

5.2.4. Digital Citizenship

5.2.5. Netiquette

6. Digital Toolbox

6.1. Digital Tool

6.1.1. Hardware

6.1.2. Software Wed-Based App Free For Purchase

6.2. Review of Digital Tools

6.2.1. BoomWriter Group Writing 3-12 Vote on best next chapter in story Can be published

6.2.2. Question Builder App Abstract Questions Sp. Ed and ELL benefits 3 levels audio clips Tracks Student Progress

6.2.3. Kidspiration Mind Mapping for Kids K-5 Reading, Writing, Thinking, and Math Skills Picture heavy organizers ELL uses Pre-created maps and activities Student/ Teacher creations

6.2.4. SMART Notebook SMART Board Interactive Manipulate SMART Exchange All ages and levels