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ACS Value Adds by Mind Map: ACS Value Adds

1. CLE

1.1. 8 - First drafts of documents & groundwork

1.1.1. 7 - Gather information for article III, sit for PDS signing. Involved in every step of the project cycle! Know the cycle and actively participate in each phase.

2. CSO

2.1. We are very unique. We guide IOs to work on difficult cases through the procedures.

3. CRM

3.1. Keep salaries safe, allocating the right economic capital for each project.

4. CRK

4.1. Trainings for new staff

4.1.1. 5 - Knowledge sharing, learn about projects from the beginning.

4.1.2. Integrity and due diligence, and we know the procedure and guide specialists

4.1.3. Portfolio management