Packaging Supply Chain

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Packaging Supply Chain by Mind Map: Packaging Supply Chain

1. Overlay these three aspects to identify opportunities and pain points

2. Overview of packaging supply chain 'industry structure

2.1. who are the big players in Asia?

2.1.1. who are their suppliers and customers? Tabulate each group in the supply chain financial analysis of each group geographic analysis of supply chain analyse change drivers for each group Who are the substrate suppliers? who are the end users? what are the drivers of changing demand in Asia? Food Beverages Healthcare Cosmetics Tobacco

2.1.2. overview of each segment flexible plastics Rigid plastics glass metal paper

2.2. illustration of the complete packaging supply chain

3. The story: secular decline of packaging in the west and rising middle class consumption in the east, continues to drive global industry transformation and create growth opportunities in Asia.

3.1. charts showing global packaging consumption west v east

4. The opportunity

4.1. Example of GDI customers to reach: Packaging raw materials : Commodities producers (energy and agri), processors and traders. Suppliers to Packaging : Chemicals manufacturers and distributors, metals and plastics processors. Packaging: AMCOR, Signode Packaging Customers: - Commodities producers (energy and agri), processors and traders. - FBA processors & manufacturers (CCA, Mars, Pepsico, Goodman, Nestle, campbell, Kelloggs, Kraft Heinz, ABF UK, Dairy processors, BFM China, PI Indofood, Archer Daniels US, Havi, Ingredion, OSI, alcohol manufacturers. - Consumer health and pharma: Kimberly-Clark, Colgate-Palmolive, Pfizer, Sanofi-Aventis - Consumer electronics & SCs: Midea, Hisense, Haier, Apple, Sony, Philips, LHG/Lenovo, CPH SG, LG, Samsung, Hon Hai, ASE TW, Huawei, Cisco, canon, Fujifilm, Hitachi, NEC, Toshiba, Quanta, HP, Intel, Dell, Microsoft, Ingram Micro, VST HK. - Logistics: TNT, UPS, DHL - Manufacturers in general (bulk/wholesale packaging) - Materials companies - Retail: Amazon, Alibaba Retailers: Costco, Abercrombie, Mcdonalds, Jollibee, Steinhoff,

5. DATA Platform

5.1. Predictive demand model

5.1.1. explanatory variables Drivers of underlying product demand Drivers of changing consumer preferences

6. Micro themes

6.1. Disruptive technology snapshot

6.2. Vertical integration

6.2.1. what's happend and why

6.2.2. opportunities, e.g. starch plantations

6.3. Packaging regulatory snapshot

6.3.1. changes to laws impacting the industry, e.g. India cottage industry laws environmental obligations impact of FTAs on packaging custs

6.3.2. legal framework by country supportive/unsupportive of packaging manufacturing consumption

6.4. India - FMCG aspirations

6.5. China FMCG aspirations

6.6. Indonesia - FMCG aspirations

6.7. sustainability

6.7.1. Full lifecycle management waste to energy data on recycle/reuse