What Comes First: the Curriculum or the Technology?

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What Comes First: the Curriculum or the Technology? by Mind Map: What Comes First: the Curriculum or the Technology?

1. Curriculum

1.1. Technology should only enhance practice

1.2. If curriculum not considered first, technology become a distraction

2. Questions to ask before implementing technology

2.1. Regardless of technology, what is the most important lesson to learn?

2.1.1. Sometimes more important goals than learning technological skills

2.1.2. Lesson may be better taught w/o technology technology distracting from learning More powerful if done without technology Technology may not accurately meet needs of lesson

2.2. Why do I need to use technology in my daily curriculum?

2.2.1. What benefits am I getting from using technology?

2.2.2. Is using technology actually helping my students learn?

2.3. How are these tech tools enhancing what we're doing?

2.3.1. What benefits are my students getting?

2.3.2. Is important that students learn to use new technology

2.4. What will the students do with these tools -during and after class?

2.4.1. Will students be able to use these tools effectively in class?

2.4.2. Will students have access to these tools at home?

2.4.3. Will these be tools that students can use outside of school (in larger society)?

3. Think curriculum enhancements, not technology implementation

3.1. implementation should enhance curriculum, not hinder it

3.2. Five ways to ensure putting curriculum first

3.2.1. Learn how students are using technology at home What kinds of technology are students already familiar with? What are they already using? What would they like to learn more about? How much screen time are they allowed at home?

3.2.2. Don't use technology for sake of technology Technology should have a use and a purpose, not just used because it's 'cool'

3.2.3. Focus on just one tech implementation at a time too much at once not good main purpose of elevating learning lost overwhelming & defeating

3.2.4. Utilize the SAMR model Substitution New tech replaces old tech, same task eg. google docs as a word processor Augmentation Tech increases functionality, same task eg. google docs ability to share doc easily Modification redesign parts of the task google doc used to collaborate on work (several students working on one doc at same time) Redefinition create new task once unimaginable google doc for collaboration across communities/ around the world challenges to assess & reflect on not only how we integrate, but also how we modify, redefine, and transform classroom w/ use

3.2.5. actively seek out professional development opportunities

4. My Thoughts

4.1. In order for technology to be effective in classroom, needs to enhance teaching

4.1.1. Students should be getting something out of technology enjoyment & engagement more learning deeper understanding needed skills

4.1.2. Should have a clear purpose and not just be for the sake of using

4.2. Sometimes, not using technology may be the best option

4.3. Technology still important and should be included in lessons

4.3.1. Important life skills

4.3.2. Often more engaging for students personal experience of math games on a smart board making it seem like they didn't 'learn' anything because no 'work' (answer math problems) involved