2/6/15 Mind development

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2/6/15 Mind development by Mind Map: 2/6/15 Mind development

1. Sleep well

1.1. 8 hours

1.2. Rem

1.2.1. each 7-8-9 hours

2. Food

2.1. Eat breakfast

2.2. Remove bad fats

2.3. Do not smoke

2.4. Do not drink too much

2.4.1. Most likely to die from alcohol

2.5. Try not to eat sometimes

2.5.1. Stem Cells Auto-Generation

3. Set Goals

3.1. Performance goals

3.2. End goals

4. Manage your time

4.1. Daily objectives

4.2. Estimate the time to accomplish an objective

5. Exercise yourself

5.1. Walking

5.2. Jogging

5.3. Cycling

5.4. Swimming

5.5. mental body exercise

6. Learn Self-Hypnosis

6.1. Understand your Dreams

6.1.1. Before you sleep repeat ''I am a dream rememberer''

6.2. How

6.2.1. Relax

6.2.2. Imagine yourself as a ladder

6.2.3. Go deeper to your subconscious

6.2.4. Tell to your self thing such as: I have everything I want I like my self I 'll succeed "I am calm and relaxed" "I am strong and confident" "I am in control of my destiny" "I can have everything I want" "I am healthy and energetic" "I can remember my dreams" "I can have lucid dreams"

7. Train your mind

7.1. Mind maps

7.2. Mnemonics

7.3. Speed Reading

8. Do something for inherent pleasure

8.1. Spent some time to find out what you really like

8.2. Make a list of those