Rebeca Cascales Ribera's PLE

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Rebeca Cascales Ribera's PLE by Mind Map: Rebeca Cascales Ribera's PLE

1. Sharing

1.1. I share information, documents and projects due to two reasons, the academic and the pleasure one.

1.1.1. Academic Gmail or Hotmail to send some projects to my classmates Dropbox if the document is too heavy Google Drive If I want to share the document while my classmates and I are working, it's a way of working together but each member of the group at home AV when I have to deliver something to my professors

1.1.2. Pleasure I really like to share my images, videos or reflexions when I take it in some tools as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter All of these are always shared with some little reflexion as a phrase or a sentence

1.1.3. I use Whatsapp and Skype for both, for talking with my classmates and solve doubts and for chatting with my friends about our personal lives.

2. Reading

2.1. I read information by two reasons, the academic and the pleasures one. Apart from this, I want to clarify that when I say 'Reading' is in the broad sense of the word (Multimedia)

2.1.1. Academic I use Google Scholar or Wikipedia when I have to look for information for some projects to the class and I read and found lot of information from them When I don't know what an English word means I use Linguee or Wordreference to translate it. And if the word is in Spanish, I use RAE (Real Academia Española de la Lengua) AV for reading what our professors have facilitate us

2.1.2. Pleasure To start with music, I use Spotify and Youtube to listen every music I want I see some images in Google Images, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter Regarding to the reflections and the interesting texts, I used to read it in Facebook and Twitter but now, I have found some blogs interesting about Education and I visit them every week

2.1.3. I use Youtube in both aspects because when I have to look for a tool to some project and I don't know how it works, I search their tutorial in youtube and I learn quickly hot it works. And, on the other hand when I want to make me up or styling and I don't know how I search it in this tool too

3. Reflecting

3.1. Reflecting is something very personal and there are lots of ways of doing it

3.1.1. Individually I use Instagram for taking really inspirator images and upload it with a phrase that means something important to me I like to reflect and share my texts in Facebook or Twitter because lot of people is going to read and comment it and this is very interesting because you can see lot of different ideas or reflexions about what have you read Another way of reflecting could be doing videos and I use Movie Maker to edit some of them

3.1.2. Collectively When I want to reflect with someone I use Skype and Whatsapp, we share our different opinions about something throug these tools

4. My PLE is possible thanks to my Family, Classmates, Friends, Professors and my Twitter Followers because if I hadn't them I couldn't interact with anybody and these don't be so interesting and entertaining as it is.

5. I'm a very CURIOUS person and I really like to look for new webs and read and discover something different by the time. I'm also very PERSISTENT and when I have to work in a academic project I look for all the information I can and then I select the important knowledge. And finally, I really like to do things by pleasure because this it my time to reflect and be quite, it's INTERESTING and ENTERTAINING.