Violence and Bullying in Schools

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Violence and Bullying in Schools by Mind Map: Violence and Bullying in Schools

1. Industrial Revolution

1.1. Altered structure of homes and schools in the United States

1.2. Separation between children and parents due to long work hours at jobs far from their homes

1.3. Many children worked in dangerous work situation, too

2. Bullying

2.1. A repeated negative, violent behavior from one individual or individuals to another

2.2. Cyberbullying - bullying that takes place using electronic technology

2.3. Bullying prevention should be incorporated into a school's curriculum

3. Violence

3.1. Society has grown inherently violent

3.2. Media is a major contributor to violence

3.3. Unfortunately, children cannot be shielded from all forms of violence

4. Responsibility of Schools

4.1. Schools are extensions of the community

4.2. Demands put on schools are constantly changing

4.3. Schools are leaders in the community