Intellectual Citizenship

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Intellectual Citizenship by Mind Map: Intellectual Citizenship

1. Academic Integrity

1.1. Go through your paper and recall whether the information is YOUR insight or material you ingested from another AUTHOR

1.2. When to cite?

1.2.1. Summarizing or paraphrasing another author's material

1.2.2. Direct quotes

1.2.3. Data or statistics

1.2.4. Anything that you have to research...ANYTHING that is not COMMON KNOWLEDGE

1.3. When in doubt...CITE IT!


2. Reading research papers

2.1. Skimming is helpful!

2.2. Get a feel for the main ideas presented by skimming the introduction, procedure, and discussion sections. Consider headings, and then data. Reflect on how these sections connect. Now dive in further with careful reading.

2.3. Don't believe everything you read...

2.3.1. Reflect on main ideas, think about other research you've read, and look for holes in the author's argument,. Think critically about what he/she is saying. WHY do you agree or disagree? Are the findings significant? Is the study recognized by other researchers?


3. How to write

3.1. Getting started with your research. Research is EVERYTHING...

3.1.1. How does your topic fit in with different fields of study? Frame your topic as a question! Look at newspapers, books, and encyclopedias for more general information

3.2. Use citations properly to avoid plagiarism!