The Tell-Tail Heart

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The Tell-Tail Heart by Mind Map: The Tell-Tail Heart

1. Narator: 1-person-narator Who?: An insane man.

2. Author: Edgar Allan Poe

2.1. Edgar Allan Poe was an American writer, editor, reviewer and poet. He is known for his work in the Gothic Fiction genre. He was one of the first Americans who experienced this genre. Edgar has also been asked to develop the Science Fictions genre. Concretely he has been around many genres. In 1835 he was 26 years old, and married his 13 year old cousin. He died in the age of 40 of an unknown reason.

3. Settings: Inside the old mans house. He hide the old man under the floorboard. It sound kind of creepy, how the house is explained.

4. Main Points: Unknown man, kills an old man. Turning himself to the police, because of bad guilt.

5. Gothic Elements: Darkness, Suspence, Murder, Mystery.

6. First published in January 1843.

7. Our Main character - the narator, is an unknown man. He is what we will call, insane. He got an idea - to kill the old man. Why? - the old man had an evil eye. He loved the old man, and the old man had never wronged him. So he kills him. And not in the quick and easy way. He made it a long death for the old man. Not only he kills the old man, but after he is also turning himself to the police.