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Mobile Apps by Mind Map: Mobile Apps

1. Apps For Organization

1.1. Popplet

1.1.1. A brainstorming tool that allows students to create their own graphic organizing system.

1.1.2. Can be used to organize writing, sort spelling words in the Words Their Way spelling program, create lists, and much more.

1.1.3. Can be shared with teacher and other students for collaboration.


1.2. Total Recall

1.2.1. Allows you to create mind maps that can be shared with others.

1.2.2. Great tool for communication and staying organized when working on new material.

1.2.3. Can provide a great outline for the material being learned or taught.


1.3. Google Drive

1.3.1. A great tool for organizing papers, projects and much more.

1.3.2. Google Drive allows you to share your documents with others and assist others on different material.

1.3.3. Great tool for using in the classroom as well when students are typing papers or making spreadsheets.


1.4. NearPod

1.4.1. NearPod is a great tool to organize a classroom presentation.

1.4.2. Teachers have full control of the classroom. They can control what the students are doing on their tools from theirs.


1.5. Socrative

1.5.1. Great way to get instant feedback on what the students are learning.

1.5.2. Teachers can personalize what they are teaching to their students.

1.5.3. Teachers get instant class and student level reports.

1.5.4. For Student:

1.5.5. For Teacher:

2. Apps For Math

2.1. Meteor Math

2.1.1. A math app that allows students to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

2.1.2. Students receive an answer to a +-x/ problem. Multiple number craters are given and the student must choose the two numbers that equal that total.

2.1.3. Students can choose more than two factors in order to gain more points. Example: 27= 9x1x3


2.2. IXL

2.2.1. Allows students to practice math concepts at their grade level as needed.

2.2.2. Students can master concepts and move on to the next at their own pace. Allows for students ownership of learning.

2.2.3. When students fail to master a concept, a lesson is given in order to show them how that type of question can be solved.


2.3. Khan Academy

2.3.1. Students are able to practice math concepts at their own pace.

2.3.2. Can be concepts recommended by Khan Academy or by the teacher.

2.3.3. When students fail to master a concept, a video lesson is given to show a student how that type of question can be solved.

2.3.4. If a student masters a grade level, they will be moved on to the next. This will give students ownership of their learning.


2.4. Front Row

2.4.1. Great for extra math practice for students along with their homework.

2.4.2. Can be used as a great tool for learning different material and aligning it with the common core.

2.4.3. Aligned with the common core. This provides the students with 1000s of questions to practice to prepare for they test.

2.4.4. Students can practice through adaptive learning, or can be assigned concepts by the teacher.


2.5. Multi Measures

2.5.1. Provides you with different tools to measure different ways.

2.5.2. It has a decimal, stopwatch, timer and much more.

2.5.3. A teacher can use the different tools to measure things not only in math, but also in science.


2.6. My Script Calculator

2.6.1. Write and calculate math problems with no keyboard.

2.6.2. Fast and easy to edit the math problems.


3. Apps For ELA

3.1. Bluster

3.1.1. Students build vocabulary while they battle the elements. Students will practice with rhyming words, synonyms, antonyms, and much more.


3.2. Spelling City

3.2.1. A convenient way to study weekly spelling words and takes spelling tests.

3.2.2. Can use teacher created or computer created lists


3.3. Book Creator

3.3.1. Allows you to bring your books to life.

3.3.2. Through this app you can make your own books and share them. This application allows you to be creative and design your own work.

3.3.3. This took is great for creating children books. This would be great tool for classes to use when creating books for a class project.


3.4. IXL

3.4.1. IXL is a great tool to practice both language arts and math.

3.4.2. Provides students with grades second through tenth on different material learned in a language art classroom.

3.4.3. Students can practice different skills learned at different levels.


3.5. AR Flashcards

3.5.1. You can print off the different flashcards of the alphabet and bring them to life.

3.5.2. When you point your phone at the flashcards a 3D image appears. You can click the image and it will say the letter that appears on the card.


4. Classroom Management Apps

4.1. Timer

4.1.1. Allows you to set individual timers for classroom rotations.

4.1.2. Once timer is set will go through the rotations and transitions to keep classroom on set schedule.


4.2. Class Dojo

4.2.1. A real-time classroom management tool that allows you to set expectations for your classroom by giving and taking away points.

4.2.2. Can set expectations for individual students, cooperative groups, or whole groups.


4.3. Classroom Monster

4.3.1. A voice management system that measures the level of volume within your classroom.

4.3.2. Teacher sets volume level to their expectations and Classroom Monster sends out a warning signal when the classroom has become too noisy.


4.4. Remind101

4.4.1. Allows a teacher to send a message to parents for classroom reminders and updates. Teachers will create the group, and parents can join by sending a text message. Messages will be sent to the parents without the teacher number being identified.


5. Apps For Creating

5.1. Educreations

5.1.1. "Transforms your iPad into a recordable whiteboard. It records your voice, handwriting and also allows you to insert pictures to produce your own personal video lessons that you and your students can share online"


5.2. ShowMe

5.2.1. "Allows teachers and students to create and record audiovisual presentations called "ShowMes" that can be shared privately or publicly. "

5.2.2. "Teachers and students can use text, images, live drawings, and audio voice-over recordings to create their ShowMe presentations."


5.3. Telegami

5.3.1. Allows students or teachers to create a quick video called a "gami"

5.3.2. Avatars are created for each video and backgrounds are added. Great for students who do not want to create videos of themselves.

5.3.3. Videos must be 30 seconds or less


5.4. Toontastic

5.4.1. A video creation tool for students to use in storytelling.

5.4.2. "Students choose the characters and setting for each scene, then move the pieces around like they were playing with action figures, and providing their own dialogue."

5.4.3. Students can choose music to be added that fits the story they have created.


5.5. PicCollage

5.5.1. Allows students to create collage style posters for reports and presentations.

5.5.2. Can be saved as a jpeg file on your iPad to be imported into other apps.


6. Apps For Science and Social Studies

6.1. Google Earth

6.1.1. Allows students to take virtual field trips, search for cities and places around the world, and visit the Earth Gallery.

6.1.2. Students can use the "Tour Guide" option to discover new places to explore.


6.2. Stack The States

6.2.1. "Stack the States asks trivia questions about a state, or asks kids to identify the shape of the state. When kids answer correctly they'll earn that state to add to their platform. The goal is to stack as many states on the platform as necessary to reach a goal line without the stack tipping over. When kids reach the goal, their reward is a state to add to their collection."


6.3. TourWrist / Sphere 360

6.3.1. "The app makes your iPad a 360-degree portal to just about anyplace you want to go. Great for virtual reports and field trips."