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Solution by Mind Map: Solution

1. Reasons

1.1. + Fuse Foundation will focus on Fuse School

1.2. Massive undertaking

1.3. at the moment I am still pulled into many directions

1.4. Adding resource just for UNHCR Exchange will be difficult within Fuse as it stands.

2. Arguments Steve

2.1. Positives

2.1.1. Seamless delivery of UNHCR

2.1.2. No use of Fuse resource, besides Custom HTML, to deliver on UNHCR

2.1.3. continued use of UNHCR in marketing and sales

2.1.4. certain amount of profit

2.1.5. not really giving up on anything

2.1.6. Till July: Freddy helps find fuse school leadership person Product Ownership

2.2. Negatives

2.3. Decisions

2.3.1. Ongoing relationship resellers agreement

2.3.2. Timing

2.4. Ben

2.4.1. hypothesis

3. Arguments Jakob

3.1. Positives

3.1.1. + Focusing on Refugees more specifically

3.1.2. + Getting Ali to work with us conretely

3.1.3. + More scalability

3.1.4. + More resource for the same price

3.2. Negatives

3.2.1. paperwork registering another vendor terminology in conversation (but really it is all UNHCR Exchange related)

3.3. Decisions:

3.3.1. Year 2 and 3

3.3.2. Flow of payment

3.3.3. New Projects *besides technology*: via Fuse Foundation or direct to SE