The House of Louis

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The House of Louis by Mind Map: The House of Louis

1. It has a garage

1.1. there is a car in front of the door

1.2. there are some tools over the table

1.3. there is a bicycle behind the car

2. Around my house

2.1. there is a wonderful garden

2.2. there are some families in the village

2.3. there are some old houses

2.4. there is a pharmacy

2.5. there is a bakery

3. It´s in Tecamac Center

3.1. It´s in Forest of Cerezos St number 15

3.2. It´s between Jacarandas y Abetos st

3.3. It´s next to the grocery store

3.3.1. Included

3.3.2. Included

3.3.3. Excluded

4. Living room

4.1. It has a trhee lounge chairs

4.1.1. Define actions as necessary

4.2. It has a bookseller

5. somethings in somerooms

5.1. there is a lamp next to the corner

5.2. there are two paintings over the lounge chairs

5.3. there is a owen in the kitchen

5.4. thers is a watching mashine in the yard

6. It´s a median house

6.1. It has three stores

6.1.1. Materials

6.1.2. Personel

6.1.3. Services

6.1.4. Duration

6.2. It has a white door

6.3. it has orange color

7. Rooms

7.1. It has 4 bedrooms

7.1.1. Dependencies

7.1.2. Milestones

7.2. It has 2 sanitaries

7.2.1. Schedule

7.2.2. Budget

7.3. It has kitchen and living room

7.3.1. KPI's