Lev Learning Site Map - V1

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Lev Learning Site Map - V1 by Mind Map: Lev Learning Site Map - V1

1. General payment form

1.1. Amount can be defined by user

1.2. Hidden link that Lev can send people

2. Curricula Page

2.1. Curricula layouts

2.1.1. Category List View

2.1.2. Curricula detail view with CTA to Purchase

2.2. Payment form that allows for multiple products in one purchase

3. eJournal (same as from MPR)

4. Home Page

5. About Lev

5.1. Testimonials

5.2. Missions/Goals

5.3. Latest news

5.4. About the founder

6. Course Listings

6.1. Class layouts

6.1.1. Category List View

6.1.2. Class detail view with CTA to register

7. Mentor Center

7.1. List View

7.2. Detail View A - specific to Mentoring style

7.2.1. Bio, Pic, video (via wistia), CTA to contact form

7.2.2. Contact form notifies Lev AND mentor

8. Mentor/Teacher Directory

8.1. Mentor/teacher submitted web apps via private link on front-end (no payment)

8.2. List View of people, categorized by Mentor/Teacher/both

8.3. Detail View B - Bio/topics/etc

8.3.1. Bio, Pic, video, CTA to contact form

8.3.2. Contact form notifies Lev AND mentor/teacher

9. Mentor Payment Form

9.1. Allows student to choose their mentor and payment amount