dAILY Strategy TARGET-10 weeks will be imposible 13 weeks -- till 4th JUly AFTER IT TEST STRAT...

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dAILY Strategy TARGET-10 weeks will be imposible 13 weeks -- till 4th JUly AFTER IT TEST STRATGIES Just read and mark on book itself while tc of these two if RED uncovered note it down GS Manual by Mind Map: dAILY Strategy TARGET-10 weeks  will be imposible  13 weeks -- till 4th JUly  AFTER IT TEST STRATGIES  Just read and mark on book itself while tc of these two  if RED uncovered note it down  GS Manual


2. Morning 5:30 to 8:30 1. Class

3. 2. GS Daily revision for number of days that will be equal to time before 13 weeks it get completed and try world history left out Red topics Practising QB after completion of topic from ARIHANT14k

3.1. Sequence in which subject to be completed

3.1.1. 3/4 weekhISTROY(TRY to make chart of revolutions and wars off india timeline COMPLETE ART AND CULTURE FIRST ASAP FROM CCRT WEBSITE, FINE ARTS BOOK For reference: Nitin singhania notes, Vajiram booklet, spectrum book Modern India- Bipin Chandra, 12th NCERT India after independence- Bipin chandra ANCIENT INDIA AND MEDIEVAL INDIA- 11th NCER and 6th NCERT DN JHA

3.1.2. gEOGRAPHY---1 week NCER class 11 and 12th Class notes along TEXT BOOK spectrum For refernece: GC leong

3.1.3. eNVIO AND BIODIVERSITY-1/2 weeks If you see the UPSC notification, this topic can be divided under four broad headings. These are: Environment Ecology Biodiversity Climate-change ENVIRONMENT Erach Bharucha’s ECOLOGY- Any basic book will do- Shankar IAS ormajid husain Biodiversity:Baruchas



3.1.6. General science-Don't feel like studying very boring but will see for 4 days

3.2. dAILY

3.2.1. Revise previous day work first half an hour in mind After it spend 4 hour time while studying subject acc to sequence list

4. 4. Sociology

4.1. check vision syllabus list and proceed Will increase time for this subject once Punjab's syllabus is over when reading online maintain file on desktop folder so that underlined files are not lost Read and write NCERT first 45 minutes after it start that syllabus from list which requires ESO and MSO's not other books..

4.2. Pawan's note book

5. 5. InsightonIndia

5.1. in 40 minutes: Reading Daily current affair section and updating in drive

5.2. in 40 minutes Writing answer of 5 Questions on site Write whatever comes in mind one day it has to be started

5.3. 10 minutes will increase time after punjab completion Printing and reading files from drive

6. 6. CSAT (120minute) Won't distribute syllabus in weeks as it just need practise daily after concept clarity

6.1. dAILY- Practise

6.1.1. 2 COMPREHENSSION in 30 minutes and next 10 minute answer check Revise RAu's class notes concept once and start after it Will do from ARIHANT first all 95 passages Then RAUS COmprehension booklet 1

6.1.2. 10 Q daily in 15 minutes dECISION MAKING AND INTERPERSONAL COMM SKILLS Read cancept from raus class notes first WIll practise from ARIHTANT first Then Swamy booklets Then VAJIRAM volume

6.2. Sequence to be followed When complete sequence will get finish thise section will be deleted and time alloted for CSAT will be increased to 3 hours so that in a asy it will be equal to exam time and every section type Q can be daily practised

6.2.1. DI-- so that its practise can be shifted to daly section once concept done..in daily do 2 set of DI -- in 30 minutes and next 10 for answer check I don't there is is concept invlved at all so will read whatever in 30 minutes and start practising after it From QUICKER MATHS concept clearing Will practise frim Quicker first From Arihant after it From RAU's booklet or will see later on

6.2.2. LR-- There is hardly any concepts in it so do whatever there are and shift in daily Concept clearing sources -- Quickr , Swamy class notes, S.chhand will read all and see which give best metohod Source for practise can be all above concept sources

6.2.3. GMA- 25 minute will be left once upper one shifted to daily for GMA concept clearance and few Q praactise they are enough Will daily start new chapter and see if any shortcyut and concept .. waise hardly any there and practise Q on it from ARIHANT, RAU's booklet

6.2.4. bn When above 3 ill be shifted to daily no time will be left will increase CSAT time to 3 hours and other one hour daily will be for BN concept clearance and practise Will start chapters from Quickr and practise have various books quickr arihant swamy cat one

7. Night 10:00 to 11:15( This time will be free after 15 days.. Revise self made notes every sunday after it) 7. Make notes of Punjab Cover in 15 days and make synopsis as well! History Economy Culture Life of People

8. No point of dividing in 10 weeks it will go on till 24t august 3. current affair: from magzine Read and write from 25 page atleast Starting from magzines of APril and if by the month end april one are done utilise time completing previous month magzines

9. sunday keep off and revise full week work ELSE NO TIME TO REVISE WILL LEFT

10. Every time wasted in doing something else has to be compromised from some subject only..so don't waste and use judiciously.. Needs will power