World Religions

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World Religions by Mind Map: World Religions

1. Hinduism

1.1. Mostly practiced in India

1.2. Everything has to do with Brahman

1.3. Samsara- the cycle of life,death and rebirth

1.4. Write in sanskrit

1.5. Its the oldest religion

1.6. Gods can be thought in many different ways

1.7. A bindy symbolizes good luck

1.8. People have shrines in their homes and in temples.

1.9. They believe in reincarnation.

1.10. It depends on karma if you will reach mokshoa

2. Buddism

2.1. Main God is Buddah

2.2. Follows the 8 fold path and the 4 noble truths

2.3. Believed in reincarnation

2.4. Nirvana- a place with no suffering or rebirth

2.5. 3 main gods are called the 3 jewels.

2.6. Muks chose a simple life to focus on their beliefes

2.7. Used leafs on a palm tree to wirte on.

2.8. suffering is caused by desires and wants

2.9. Got rid of suffering by getting rid of desires.

2.10. Dharma - the law of Buddihsm.

3. Juddiasm

3.1. Beelieve in one single god

3.2. Chosen leader was Moses

3.3. A cantor leads the churches

3.4. Keep a light inside the church burning to represent the forever burning fire

3.5. Celebrate Hannukah

3.6. Follow the 10 commandments

3.7. Passover- the holiday that celebrates the freedom from slavery of the Jews in the past

3.8. Small # of believers

3.9. Moses revieved the 10 commandments on slate tablets straight from god

3.10. Very similar to Christianity

4. Islam

4.1. Koran is the holiest book

4.2. Pray 5 times a day facing east

4.3. Followed the 5 pillars

4.4. Must visit Mecca at least once in their lifetime

4.5. Anyone rich or poor are treated equal

4.6. No statues or paintings because they only worship the spirit god

4.7. Hadith contains stories and verses

4.8. he first word a baby must hear is the name Allah

4.9. Ramadan is the most important holiday

4.10. Celebrate the birth and naming if children

5. Christianity

5.1. 10 commandments- the Laws of Christ

5.2. Christians are the followers of Christianity

5.3. Father ,Son, Holy Spirit

5.4. Bible-collection of sacred writings and quotes from god

5.5. Church- place to worship

5.6. Pray directly to Jesus

5.7. Christmas-Celebration of the birth of Jesus

5.8. Easter- Celebrates Jesus Ressurection

5.9. Sin- turning against Jesus's rules

5.10. Bread-Body, Wine- blood of jesus