world religons

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world religons by Mind Map: world religons

1. Hinduism

1.1. the Hindus also believe in carma

1.2. natural forces were like notes from the gods

1.3. Hinduism is one of the oldest religons

1.4. the Hindus believe in reincarnation

1.5. Hindus had lots of sacred storys

1.6. cows and rivers are very sacred

1.7. Hindus are polytheistic (they believe in many gods)

1.8. the Hindus used Sanskrit and Vedas to wright

1.9. over 900,000,000 people are study Hinduism

2. Buddism

2.1. over 360,000,000 people study buddism

2.2. The Buddah is the only god

2.3. Buddhists love to meditate

2.4. the Buddhists follow the four noble truths and the eight fold path

2.5. Buddhists study karma and dharma

2.6. Buddhists believe in reincarnation

2.7. Buddhists also believe in the state of nirvana

2.8. Buddhists think everyone has their own place in life

2.9. Buddhists also go to a shrine to pray to the Buddha

3. Judaism

3.1. there are about 14,000,000 Jews

3.2. Jews only believe in one god

3.3. Jews only believed in the old testament of the bible

3.4. Jews were more educated when working with Muslims

3.5. Adolf Hitler and his Nazi army killed off a lot of Jews

3.6. to the Jews Israel is a place of freedom

3.7. the Torah and Talmud were two of the books studied by Jews

3.8. Jews prayed in a sin agog

3.9. The Rabbi and Cantor controlled the sin agog

3.10. the sin agog has a holy light that must be kept on

3.11. Jews follow the ten commandments

3.12. the three branches of Judaism are Orthodox, Reform, and Conservative

3.13. the Jews celebrate Hanukkah and Passover

4. Islam

4.1. Islam actually means surrender

4.2. believed in one god

4.3. people studied Islam in northeast Asia and Africa

4.4. Islams pray five times a day

4.5. every Islam visit a pilgrimage once in their lifetime

4.6. before you pray in a Monk you have to wash your hands and take off your shoes

4.7. Islams worshiped a book like the Bible called the Kahron

4.8. if an Islam lived a good life they would go to the afterlife

4.9. Islams celebrate Aqiqa

4.10. you must whisper the name of Allah into a newborns ear

5. Christianity

5.1. Jesus was born a Jew and like all Jews he was monotheistic

5.2. Christians believed in forgiveness, the trinity, the 4 gospels, ten commandments, the sacraments, that Jesus is gods only son,and that Jesus died for everybody's sins

5.3. Jesus had followers called disciples

5.4. Jesus was crucified

5.5. sins are something we do to disrespect god or the ten commandments

5.6. the ten commandments are rules god made for everyone to follow

5.7. Christians usually pray to god, one famous prayer is the lords prayer

5.8. all of the sacred writings are in the bible and they are split into the old and new testament

5.9. in the front of a church there is the altar table that represents the last super

5.10. some holy people in the bible are called saints

5.11. Christians celebrate holidays like Christmas and Easter