Grief and adjustment disorders

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Grief and adjustment disorders by Mind Map: Grief and adjustment disorders

1. adjustment disorder

1.1. definition

1.1.1. abnormal response to stress

1.1.2. starts within 3 months of stressor

1.1.3. ends before 6 months after stressor

1.1.4. does not meet any other criteria or normal grief

1.1.5. clinically significant

1.2. subtypes

1.2.1. with depressed mood

1.2.2. with anxiety

1.2.3. mixed depression and anxiety

1.2.4. disturbance of conduct

1.2.5. mixed disturbance of emotion and conduct

1.2.6. unspecified

1.3. Management

1.3.1. Psychotherpay supportive techniques for crisis

1.3.2. pharmacological only if needed

2. Grief

2.1. definitions

2.1.1. grief الحزن the emotional process of reacting to the loss of loved one through death

2.1.2. bereavement الثكل أو الحرمان the objective situation one faces after the loss

2.1.3. mourning public display of grief الحداد affected by culture

2.2. phases of grief

2.2.1. shoch minutes to weeks

2.2.2. acute distress weeks to months anger bargning depression

2.2.3. resolution months to years acceptance

2.3. bereavement or depression?

2.3.1. onset (within 2 months of bereavement)

2.3.2. duration of symptoms is less than 2 months

2.3.3. mild functional impairment

2.3.4. no family or personal history of major depression

2.4. management

2.4.1. support

2.4.2. psychotherpay

2.4.3. pharmacological in severe cases