Digital tools and effective strategies for taking notes and for learning content

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Digital tools and effective strategies for taking notes and for learning content by Mind Map: Digital tools and effective strategies for taking notes and for learning content

1. THESIS: How can modern technology and organizational tools assist online students in successful retention of knowledge?

2. Organization

2.1. Multitasking

2.1.1. Tools for Multitasking Calendars Keep track of time and due dates Technology Apps Phone reminders Web based reminders Charting Map things out to help prioritize tasks

2.1.2. Strategies for Multitasking Plan ahead Prioritize Stay Motivated Set reasonable goals

2.2. Prioritizing

2.2.1. Make a list of task

2.2.2. find out what is important Family School Job

2.2.3. healthy balance Find a balance between the most important things in your life

2.2.4. Be flexible and adaptable

2.3. Eliminate distractions

2.3.1. For visual learners, a distraction free study area can make all the difference Remove potential distractions TV Games Phone Make sure you have planned a ceratin time to sit and do school work Lets others know that you need some peace and quite

2.4. Takes breaks

2.4.1. It is important to pace yourself and know when to speed up and slow down

3. How can technology help?

3.1. Efficiency

3.1.1. Allows for fast retrieval of information

3.1.2. Easily create flash cards on websites or DL software

3.1.3. Interactive learning

3.2. Time managment

3.2.1. Technological tools allow for better time management which also attributes to efficiently

3.2.2. Online Calendars and reminders

3.3. Communication\Collaboration

3.3.1. Communication with instructors and other students

3.3.2. Open online forums for Q/A

3.3.3. Online community allows students to learn from other students by seeing what they post

3.4. Mobility and Flexibility

3.4.1. Technology allows us to stay mobile Through mobile phones Using laptops Web Based campus allows for multiple access points no matter what computer you are on

3.4.2. Technology allows us to stay flexible Do you homework where ever you are pick and choose the days you study/HW

3.5. Knowledge at our fingertips

3.5.1. Obviously today's technology is mainly web-based and the amount of resources we have are endless.

3.5.2. Technology allows us to grasp these resources and use them to learn and teach others

3.6. Taking Notes

3.6.1. Using software to take notes On your phone reminders Apps

3.6.2. Saving notes in an word doc, xml, or ppt

3.7. Your schools online resrouces

3.7.1. APUS library provides credible sources

4. Conclusion

4.1. Why technology is a very key attribute in today's online learning environment

4.1.1. Tech allows us to stay organized more easily

4.1.2. tech allows for easier multitasking

4.1.3. The combination of organization and digital tools help us to efficiently retain knowledge