Vobabulary words

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Vobabulary words by Mind Map: Vobabulary words

1. the Cold War

1.1. The Cold War was and intense rivalry developed after WWII between communist and non-communist nations

1.2. The Cold war happened at the same time the Nigerians demanded freedom. The Nigerian's government (fascism) was not too fond of communism so Nigeria joined the non-communist view-piont.

2. self-determination

2.1. Self-determination is the determining by the people of the form of government shall have without reference to the wishes of any other nation, especially by the people of a territory or a former colony

2.2. The significance of self-determination for the Nigerians is the people wanted to be able to choose the type of government they had. They did not want Britain to choose for them.

2.3. This caused protest because the government forced upon the people by the British were not favored and liked.

3. authoritarian

3.1. authoritarian means favoring obedience to authority instead of individual freedom

3.2. Many people didn't want to fight the British they were scared of the weapons. They knew they had no chance, so they followed everything they were forced to do.

3.3. The brithish were also their employers and if they didn't listen they could possibly lose their jobs and watch their family starve.

4. fascism

4.1. Fascism is to by ruled by a dictator, with a strong control of industry and labor by the central government, great restrictions upon the freedom of individuals, and extreme nationalism and militarism. It was opposed to radical socialism and communism.

4.2. the significance of Fascism is the british forced this government upon the Nigerians when they colonized Nigeria.

4.3. People were forced to work and while the Nigerians got little pay, the British gained in wealth.