Alison M's Mind Map

EDU 580 week 3 assignment

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Alison M's Mind Map by Mind Map: Alison M's Mind Map

1. Collaboration

1.1. Google Docs - this tool is very similar to Word, except you can work with people all over the world as long as they have access to the Google doc. As an administrator I think this would be great to plan schedules or school activities with teachers in your school, even if they don't have a common plan time.

1.2. Collaborize Classroom - is a free tool for teachers and students to create structured discussions. Students can expand on discussions as well as interact with online lesson plans that allow for deeper participation inside and outside the classroom. As an administrator I could use this to have continuous professional development with my teachers and see what things they are doing in their classrooms.

1.3. Voicethread - this tool allows people to create powerpoint like presentations. Some ways that it is different is the fact that you can record audio and the people viewing it can add comments in five different ways right then and there. As an administrator, this would be great to record the daily announcements and send it out to the teachers, have them comment on any changes or additions and then play it at lunch or during a "study hall" time for the students to see.

1.4. Google Calendar - This tool allows the user to schedule one-time or recurrent events with reminders, create multiple calendars, add file attachments, invite others to view or edit the calendar. As a administrator, this would be a great tool to use with my staff for scheduling meetings or even the use of certain common areas, such as the computer lab.

2. Creativity

2.1. Prezi - fun new way to do powerpoints. No more click to change slide, you see the whole picture at the begging and then as you move through the Prezi, you can really see how things are connected. This is a great way for the students to create presentations. An added bonus is anyone can access it, so no one can say they can't work on the project or present because it is on their partner's stuff.

2.2. littlebirdtales - is a tool that allows you to create stories by recording someone's voice. I could use this in my Child Development classroom and have my students create a story for preschool aged children. We could then go and present their stories to a preschool classroom.

2.3. Pinterest - this is a tool that can be used to gather, save and manage anything they desire. I could see a teacher using this in class and having students create boards over their dream home, starting with their floor plan and then planning each room from there. The possibilities are endless.

2.4. Bitstrips - this tool allows the user to create a comic "strip" about anything. I could use this in my classroom and have the students create a bitstrip over a particular topic. They would then have to present their bitstrip to the class.

3. Communication

3.1. Edmodo - is a social networking website for the education world. Teachers can invite students into private groups that can be used for online classroom discussions, but the teacher has total control. People call this Facebook for the classroom. I think this would be a great way to keep students and parents updated on what was done in class that day, kind of like a daily newsletter.

3.2. Skype - This is a free way to video chat with someone. I think a great way to use this in a classroom would be to have Skype sessions with guest speakers from around the world. It might be hard to get to take a field trip to hear a college professor give a lecture, but that professor might willing to Skype with you and your students.

3.3. Glogster - this is a tool that allows people to create virtual posters with text, audio clips, video clips and many other items. This would be great to use in place of the good old poster board. One less thing students or you have to purchase and I think it would be really neat to see these presented in class.

3.4. Wallwisher - is a tool that allows students to post "sticky notes" on a topic/wall. The sticky notes can only be 160 characters, but you can also use video, image or audio too. This would be a great exit ticket in class.

3.5. Weebly - a way to create a free website quick and easy. This is another tool that teachers could use this to get information out to students and parents about upcoming events or assignments.