Demonstrative pronouns

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Demonstrative pronouns by Mind Map: Demonstrative pronouns

1. That over there is my brother. That's my broom. This pen is one. Cars you see, this is mine. Counting one, a total of nine trees. I'll trade it for that.

2. Examples

3. Demonstrative pronouns can make all functions except the noun apposition. This is wonderful (Subject). The properties of this are huge (Complement of a name). I do not understand why (direct complement) ...

4. functions

5. Speech Pronouns Speech Pronouns are functioning as demonstrative pronouns unless accompanied by a noun. This food is my favorite. (Does not work as a pronoun because it goes with noun). This is my favorite. (It works as a pronoun because it is not accompanied noun).

6. type

6.1. Demonstrative pronouns themselves They are neutral forms this, that, that. This is what I d

7. this, this, this, this and these denote proximity indicated with regard to the issuer; this, this, that, these and those denote proximity indicated with regard to the receiver; that, that, that, those men and denote distance indicated with regard to the sender and receiver.

8. Demonstrative pronouns are divided into three series according to the distance at which it is drawn with the issuer. It also presents variations in gender and number. Thus we find these series

9. forms

10. pronoun is that which serves to show the pointing your situation for a particular person objects