Summary: "Smartcuts"

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Summary: "Smartcuts" by Mind Map: Summary: "Smartcuts"

1. Parts

1.1. Part 1: Shorten

1.1.1. Chapter 1: Hacking the Ladder: "Bored Mormons" Improve or change little by little Sinatra Effect Breaking up big challenges into tiny ones also speeds up progress Images Ladder Mormons

1.1.2. Chapter 2: Training with Masters: "the Vocal Thief" Find mentor that has a special connection with you Images Master (coach) thief

1.1.3. Chapter 3: Rapid Feedback: "The F Word" Fail often, fail fast Images F word wave

1.2. Part 2: Leverage

1.2.1. Chapter 4: Platforms: "The Laziest Programmer" Build on platforms - abstractions e.g.) Ruby on Rails Images A person on a bed next to a lamp

1.2.2. Chapter 5: Waves: "Moore and Moore" Find patterns Some details Images Skrillex riding wave

1.2.3. Chapter 6: Superconnectors: "Space, Wars, and Storytellers" Give and take Details Images Pistons Space, Wars, Storytellers

1.3. Part3: Soar

1.3.1. Chapter 7: Momentum: "Depressed Billionaires" Build up momentum Details Images Freemason Rollercoster

1.3.2. Chapter 8: Simplicity: "Hot Babes and Paradise" Simplification often makes the difference between good and amazing Details Images Simple that looks like 8 Hot babes and paradise Innovation Doing something new Different from Creativity comes easier within constraints

1.3.3. Chapter 9: 10X Thinking: "The Rocketeer" Thinking Big - ridiculously big Images Rocket Merely knowing there are more competitors in a competition decreases our performance N-Effect

2. Review (entirely from the memory)

2.1. Part I: Shorten

2.1.1. Chapter 1: Hacking the ladder "Bored Mormons" Improve || Change litltle by little

2.1.2. Chapter 2: Training with Master "The vocal thief" find a mentor that has a special connection with you

2.1.3. Chapter 3: Rapid Feedback "The F Word" Fail fast, fail often

2.2. Part II: Leverage

2.2.1. Chapter 4: Platforms "The Laziest Programmer" Build on platforms/Abstractions

2.2.2. Chater 5: Waves "Moore & Moore" Find/Read patterns

2.2.3. Chapter 6: Superconnector "Space, Wars, Storyteller" give & take

2.3. Part III: Soar

2.3.1. Chapter 7: The Momentum "Depressed Billionaire" Build on momentum, don't stop once you get started

2.3.2. Chapter 8: Simplicity "Hot babes and paradise" Simplication often makes a difference between good and amazing

2.3.3. Chapter 9: 10X thinking "the Rocketeer" Think Big, ridiculously