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Vocabulary by Mind Map: Vocabulary

1. Eric

1.1. Nationalism

1.1.1. Nationalism was significant for Nigeria because the English language, increased urbanization, improved communications, opposition to colonial rule, and trade increased Nigerian nationalism, uniting the Nigerians as a nation.

1.2. Blockade

1.2.1. Blockades were significant in Nigeria because the blockade of Biafra had kept food from reaching the war zone, killing hundreds of thousands of Biafran civilians. This weakened Biafran resistance and was a key factor in the downfall of Biafra.

1.3. Fascism

1.3.1. Fascism was siginificant for Nigeria because fascism occurred multiple times in the 1960s, when Nigeria was under the rule of leaders like Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa or Colonel Yakubu Gowon.

1.4. The Cold War

1.4.1. The Cold War was significant in Nigeria because during The Cold War, the United States and the Soviet Union were interested in Nigeria due to its size, population, economic and military potential, and oil. This changed Nigeria's political position and created ties between the United States and Nigeria (although these ties were later broken).

2. Arvind

2.1. Migrated

2.1.1. Migration is significant to Nigeria because when people of different ethnic or religious groups migrated to Nigeria, conflict was increased.

2.2. Conscripted

2.2.1. Conscription is significant to Nigeria because many Nigerians were conscripted into the Allied forces during World War I

2.3. Self-Determination

2.3.1. Self-Determination is significant to Nigeria because self-determination is a major factor in much of the country’s protracted conflicts.

2.4. Authoritarian

2.4.1. Enforcing strict obedience to authority (government) but compromising the peoples' freedom.

3. Holden

3.1. Anticolonial

3.1.1. Anti-colonial views spread rapidly after Britain started compromising Nigerians welfare for their own good.

3.2. Traditional Leaders

3.2.1. Traditional leaders had an impact on Niger because they set cultural boundaries and traditions in Nigeria that have caused much disruption and, in some cases, civil war.

3.3. United Nations

3.3.1. United Nations made international laws that said all people must be treaty equally without discrimination. Therefore, the Nigerian people believe that they should not be subject to British discrimination and they have a right to rule themselves.

3.4. Subsistence Farming

3.4.1. Subsistence farming has played and does play an important part in Nigerian society and most Nigerians are subsistence farmers who farm for their families.