Selecting The Right Windows For Your New Home

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Selecting The Right Windows For Your New Home by Mind Map: Selecting The Right Windows For Your New Home

1. Size Of Rooms

1.1. Small windows will make a large room look smaller than the actual size, and probably too dark.

2. Window Size

2.1. Keep in mind that size window of windows can often depend on the colour scheme used to paint the walls and the decor.

3. Room Shape / Type

3.1. You want big windows for the living room and not too big for the kitchen. Styles of windows and interior should match as well.

4. Exposure & Location

4.1. If a particular room is exposed to North, than you don't need to choose the largest window panes here.

5. Style of Windows

5.1. Today, you can find countless styles, shapes and materials on the market. But think about the practical side, too. For example, wood frames might get damaged very soon if windows are right next to your garden and you use sprinkle irrigation.

6. Window Cleaning & Maintenance

6.1. According to Sydney-based window cleaning professionals, some modern windows, known as self-cleaning windows, will seriously reduce the time you spend cleaning.