The Great Pancake Tour of North America!

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The Great Pancake Tour of North America! by Mind Map: The Great Pancake Tour of North America!

1. Why leave?

2. Meaning behind the name

2.1. The O.C. scene

3. Answer the following:

3.1. Who do you want to travel with?

3.1.1. Friends?

3.1.2. Family?

3.1.3. Siblings?

3.2. How long do you want to be away?

3.3. What do you want to see?

3.3.1. Landmarks?

3.3.2. Parks?

3.3.3. People?

3.3.4. Cities?

3.4. When do you want to leave?

3.5. Who's car?

3.5.1. Who has better mileage?

3.5.2. Most reliable?

4. Plan a Route!

4.1. Popular Landmarks and Cities to Consider!

4.1.1. Chicago, IL

4.1.2. Colorado

4.1.3. Seattle, WA

4.1.4. California Redwood Forest San Francisco Los Angeles Hollywood

4.1.5. Las Vegas, NV

4.1.6. New Mexico Roswell Santa Fe

4.1.7. Amarillo, TX (Cadillac Ranch)

4.1.8. New Orleans, LA

4.1.9. Orlando, FL (DIsney World)

4.1.10. Grand Canyon National Park, AZ

5. Save Money!!!

6. Leave! :)