MPI NL Conference 2015 Evenemens keynote 2

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MPI NL Conference 2015 Evenemens keynote 2 by Mind Map: MPI NL Conference 2015 Evenemens keynote 2

1. Govert Schilling


1.2. science journalist

1.3. publicist

2. This mind map

2.1. Alexis van Dam (LiveMindMapper)

2.1.1. LiveMindMapper at

2.1.2. Visualising information, keynotes and sessions in mindmaps for Events & Congresses Brainstorms Meetings

2.2. Will be live created during the keynote

3. Two important insights

3.1. small layer of ozone

3.1.1. looks fragile

3.2. there are no borders

3.2.1. borders cultures people

3.3. All humans are travellers on space ship earth

4. earth

4.1. earth is very small in our solar system

4.2. the sun is not alone (star)

4.2.1. there are a lot of stars

4.2.2. No idea how many

4.3. Our solar system is a small one

4.3.1. there are at least 100 billion galaxies out there

4.3.2. Our sun is a small mediocre star

4.3.3. with Earth circling around it

5. Christiaan Huygens

5.1. earth is small

5.1.1. why make war for an even smaller piece of that earth

5.2. we are not findable in the vast amount of galaxies


6. How do we look at our own existence?

6.1. if you compare the development with the Eiffel Tower, the tip of the TV antenna is the start of homo sapiens

6.2. Video:

7. cosmos

7.1. cosmic cloud

7.2. birth of a star

7.2.1. new sun

7.2.2. provide lights warmth

7.2.3. elements to later form planets

7.2.4. our basic elements are formed

7.3. supernova explosion

7.3.1. formation of start

7.4. space between planets

7.4.1. form matter

7.5. materials

7.5.1. H20 = water and oxygen

7.5.2. stardust

7.6. we are part of the universe

7.6.1. Literally

7.6.2. carbon atom

7.6.3. your atoms are older than yourself

7.6.4. these atoms are formed during the supernova explosion

8. About Amersfoort

8.1. anatomic centre of Netherlands