MPI NL Conference 2015 Evenemens keynote 1

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MPI NL Conference 2015 Evenemens keynote 1 by Mind Map: MPI NL Conference 2015 Evenemens keynote 1

1. Welcome

1.1. Entertainment

1.1.1. drums

1.1.2. stretch exercise South African Massage Thai Massage ...

1.1.3. work together listen to each other jam session

1.2. Evenemens

1.2.1. even mens (=human) you are even human what defines me as human? need to think about it

1.2.2. please be in this room close eyes think of your word what will it be? what are you in one word? emotion feeling sun energy happiness Spain

1.2.3. social media make a selfie with all other participants in the back #nlconference

1.2.4. NetwerkApp use it to make connections

1.3. 13th edition of NLconference

1.4. Online (hybrid) program

1.4.1. Program is in English

1.4.2. The audience interaction hubs

1.4.3. English Tweets Do interact with them ask questions

1.5. Diverse Program

1.5.1. Make it your day!

2. This mind map

2.1. Alexis van Dam (LiveMindMapper)

2.1.1. LiveMindMapper at

2.1.2. Visualising information, keynotes and sessions in mindmaps for Events & Congresses Brainstorms Meetings

2.1.3. twitter mee #NLConference #Evenemens

2.2. Will be live created during the keynote

3. Remembrance/ memorial service for Flight MH17

3.1. November 10th 2014

3.1.1. focus on humans

3.1.2. Huge event

3.2. panel

3.2.1. Anita Nirandjan - Min VWS, projectgroep Nationale Herdenking MH-17

3.2.2. Berend Bouwman - Amsterdam Rai

3.2.3. Cees van der Maarel - Van der Maarel Sfeermeester

3.2.4. Sandor van Geelen (IDTV)

3.2.5. Olivier Monod de Froideville -- Livetime Productions

3.3. Video compilation

3.3.1. Emotional video about the remembrance ceremony

3.3.2. Reaction from audience huge amount of respect very human approach when you see it again - it still comes in

4. Team leader for National Remembrance

4.1. Several

4.1.1. team members

4.1.2. Departments

4.2. Municipalities

4.3. Min VWS - Critical Success Factors

4.3.1. remembrance ceremony involve families & friends

4.3.2. total concept design and style several rooms warm safe feeling hope

4.3.3. Partners every one involved where 300% motivated

5. Partner Rai

5.1. Remembrance ceremony

5.1.1. August 27th 2014 lot of international press lots of colleagues where willing to support/ participate lot of people willing to supply

5.2. Create a clear list of demand

5.3. Where also other congresses

5.4. Lessons

5.4.1. flexibility

5.4.2. knowledge of building location

5.4.3. strict process management

6. Partner Van der Maarel

6.1. July 17th

6.2. provide experience and personal touch during the event

6.3. A hole in the community

6.3.1. that was the atmosphere they aimed for

6.4. atmosphere such as

6.4.1. Colours

6.4.2. flowers floral arrangements determine certain types of flowers

6.4.3. memorial wall the empty ness everyone could show his/ her own emotion in the wall

6.5. result

6.5.1. modern take on a living room intimacy

6.5.2. everyone welcome also the 'empty ness' was part of the set up

6.5.3. auditorium 3 holes in the community 189 wind directions

7. Partner IDTV

7.1. challenge Live TV with remembrance ceremony

7.2. situation

7.2.1. an audience of 2000 people

7.2.2. no group of people

7.2.3. remembering 298 people that died

7.2.4. RAI is a multifunctional room

7.2.5. covered all parts with fabric to make it comfortable

7.2.6. audio was a challenge

8. Partner Livetime Production

8.1. real materials

8.2. technique

8.3. high quality

8.3.1. a mic that does not work: not possible

8.3.2. it is a huge TV studio - but the atmosphere should be a living room

8.3.3. not project screens - but fabric & wood

8.4. working closely together with supplies

8.5. atmosphere was small and intimate

9. video

9.1. lost of plans

9.1.1. mobility

9.1.2. Safety

9.1.3. atmosphere

9.2. the set up was a circle

9.2.1. people are symbolised 298 candles