World Religions

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World Religions by Mind Map: World Religions

1. Judaism

1.1. Judaism is one of the oldest religion in the world

1.2. they followed the 10 commandments

1.2.1. the 10 commandments are the foundation of Judaism.

1.3. monotheistic

1.3.1. The invisible god

1.4. Abraham was the founder

1.5. they were known as hebrews

1.6. they used a pointer stick to point to words when reading to prevent dirt and smearing the words.

1.7. Judaism was founded in Mesopotamia

1.8. celebrated Hanuka

1.8.1. lasted for 8 days and when between November and December

1.9. Synagogue

1.9.1. a very holy place where the Jews pray known as the "place of assembly"

1.10. they have meetings in temples.

1.11. Holy writings called Torah

1.12. Bar Mitzvah is when a 14 year old turns 15

1.13. there is over 14 million people that follow Judaism

1.14. Judaism religion is mostly found in Israel and Europe

1.15. Rabbi is the spiritual leader.

1.16. Saturday is there most holly day of the week.

2. Islam

2.1. worshiped in god (everything they do is an active worship to god)

2.2. Prophet Mohammad was the founder of Islam

2.3. In Islam God says that everybody is equal

2.4. Islam is the second largest religion in the world

2.5. Islams did not decorate with statues or paintings instead they decorated with quotes

2.6. Muslims mostly pray in a mosque

2.7. holidays

2.7.1. Ramandan when you fast for 30 days to feel the poor feel

2.8. 5 Religion Duties ( like 10 commandments

2.9. The meaning of Islam is surrender

2.9.1. this means peace

2.10. in Islam everything is nature

2.10.1. known as Muslims because they are all a state of surrender

2.11. there are 5 pillars of practice in Islam

2.11.1. you must put all of your effort into these to be considered a muslim

2.12. Islam is one of the fasted growing religions in the world

2.13. "Allah" is a Arabic word that means God.

2.13.1. Allah is the god of all people and all creations.

3. Christianity

3.1. Largest religion in the world

3.2. believed and worshiped in god/Jesus

3.2.1. Jesus sacrificed his life on the cross for people in the religion.

3.3. worshiped the holy bible

3.4. baptized in holy water

3.5. Christians go to reconciliation to confess there sins to a priest.

3.5.1. they get a pendence to pray after wards.

3.6. holidays

3.6.1. easter Jesus came back to life

3.6.2. Christmas the birth of Jesus

3.7. they believed in saints

3.7.1. saints were people tha accomplished amazing things

3.8. baptism

3.8.1. your original sin is taken away

3.9. eucharist

3.9.1. known as the holy communion when you take the body and blood of Jesus during church session.

3.9.2. before you take the Eucharist you must pray and say the sign of the cross.

3.10. anointing the sick

3.10.1. you go to the priest or the priest comes to you when you are very sick and close to death, to say a prayer that will take you to heaven.

3.11. holy order

3.11.1. Holy order means anybody that works or serves and the church for Christians

3.12. Christians believe that if they worship god/Jesus they will arrive and heaven when they die.

3.13. Jesus was a God

3.13.1. Jesus hired 12 people to be his disciples

3.14. God and mary are the parents of Jesus.