World Religions

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World Religions by Mind Map: World Religions

1. Judaism

1.1. Oldest Living Religion

1.2. Gods

1.2.1. Believed in many gods

1.2.2. One invisible god

1.2.3. They pray for the coming of the Messiah

1.3. Cannan is the promise land

1.4. Moses was spoked by the God

1.5. Messiah is Moses and that means the anointed one

1.6. Hebrews

1.6.1. Hebrews recived the ten commandments

1.6.2. Hebrews finally entered the promise land

1.6.3. Hebrews were known as the Jews

1.7. Torah is the holy writings

1.7.1. Torah means 5 books of Moses

1.7.2. Torah always faces the north

1.7.3. The Torah has the 10 commandments and the laws on it

1.8. At home when it is Christmas the father blesses the wine and the body

1.9. Celebrations

1.9.1. Bat Mitzvah is for the girls that are turning 12

1.9.2. Bar Mitzvah is for the boys who are turning 15

1.9.3. Rush Hashana is the New Year

1.9.4. Hanukah falls between November and December

1.9.5. Purim is a festival to listen to the saying of the bible

1.9.6. Passover is remember of the freedom of slavery in Egypt

2. Islam

2.1. The second largest religion in the world, over 1 billion people follow

2.2. Islam means surrender to the world of gods

2.3. Islam people are called Muslams

2.4. Allah is the God

2.5. 5 Religion Duties

2.5.1. Belief

2.5.2. Prayers

2.5.3. Fasts

2.5.4. Alsms

2.5.5. Pilgramage

2.6. Holidays

2.6.1. Ramandan They fast for 30 days to feel how the poor feels Ramadan is from the sun rise to the sun set

2.6.2. Ablution Ablution is when the Muslims was off in the river

2.6.3. Eid Al Fitr is a festival after Ramandan

2.7. They created the first university and a good medicine

2.8. Praying

2.8.1. Women have a separate room near the restroom

2.8.2. The pray north to Mecca

2.8.3. They have to pray 5 times a day

3. Chirstianity

3.1. Christianity is the largest religion in the world

3.1.1. 2 billion folowers

3.1.2. The Orthodox is the second greatest cathlic church

3.2. Holidays

3.2.1. Christmas They celebrate Jesus's birthday Christians celebrate Christmas by spending time with their family and giving each other gifts

3.2.2. Easter Jesus died on Good Friday on the cross He rose on the third day

3.3. Jesus was a god

3.3.1. They think that Jesus was born by the virgin Mary

3.3.2. Jesus came to the Jordan river and asked John to baptize him

3.3.3. Jesus was the founder of Christianity

3.3.4. Jesus fasted 14 days and 14 nights

3.3.5. Jesus recruited 12 people to be his disciples and they most were fisher men The disciples are Simon Peter, James, John, Andrew, Philip of Bethsaida , Thomas, Nathaniel, Mathew, James, Simon of Zealot, Thaddaeus- Judas, and Judas Iscariot. The disciples became the apostles

3.3.6. He told people that he was the Messiah

3.3.7. Jews arrested Jesus and whipped him and nailed him on the cross.

3.3.8. Jesus taught people to love one another

3.4. The Holy Book is the Bible

3.4.1. There are two sections of the Bible. The Old Testament and the New Testament The Old Testament is before Christ was born The new Testament is after Christ was born

3.5. 7 Sacraments

3.5.1. Baptism Baptism is when you original sin is taken away

3.5.2. Eucharist Eucharist is when you take the body and blood of Jesus

3.5.3. Reconciliation Reconciliation is when the priest takes away your sins

3.5.4. Conformation Conformation is when you are accepted into the church as an adult

3.5.5. Marriage Marriage is one person commits there love to another person for the rest of their lives.

3.5.6. Holy Orders Holy Orders is when people become priests

3.5.7. Anointing of the Sick Anointing of the Sick is when a priest comes to a person that is dying or very sick to give them their final blessing before they pass away.

3.6. Christians pray to Jesus and Saints