World Religions

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World Religions by Mind Map: World Religions

1. Judaism

1.1. One of the oldest religions

1.2. Monotheistic

1.3. The Jews were known as Hebrews

1.4. 1948 the Israel was built

1.5. After Jerusalem was destroyed they prayed in a synagogue

1.6. In Judaism the age is important when boys turn 13 they can read from he Torah and have a Bar Mitzvah

1.7. When girls turn 12 they have a Bat Miitzah

1.8. Yom Kippur they tell there sins and ask for gods assistance

1.9. Many parents give present to there child on Hanukkah

1.10. Passover is the biggest known Jewish holidays

2. Islam

2.1. Islam is the second biggest religion

2.2. One half billion followers

2.3. monotheistic

2.4. Qur ' an is the Holy Book

2.5. Shia Islam is the main religion in Iran

2.6. After Muhammad died the religion split into Sunni and Shia

2.7. 5 Duties that Muslims do are Beliefs, Prayer, Fast, Alms, Pilgrimage

2.8. Indonesia is the most populated country for Islam.

2.9. Muslims surrender to the word of god.

2.10. Everyone is equal

2.11. Islam is a wide spread in Africa

2.12. Muslims created the first universities, calligraphy.

3. Christianity

3.1. Jesus founder of Christianity

3.2. Followers are Christians

3.3. Bethlehem today is a city it has 30,000 people

3.4. Jesus hometown was Nazareth

3.5. Jesus recruited 12 diciples

3.6. Holy Book : Bible

3.7. God: Son, Holy Spirit, Father

3.8. Head of a catholic church is called a Pope

3.9. Mary is the mother of Jesus.

3.10. Christianity is a dominate religion over 2 billion followers.

3.11. Confusion were you tell the priest your sins

3.12. Jesus died on a cross

3.13. After Jesus died the Christianity spread.

3.14. John Baptist predicted that the Messiah