How to fail your Master's

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How to fail your Master's by Mind Map: How to fail your Master's

1. Choose a difficult topic

1.1. a topic that doesn't interest you

1.2. a topic that will impress others in their discipline

1.3. an exceedingly esoteric topic

1.4. a very difficult-to-pronounce title

2. Obscure the idea

2.1. Make sure your topic is wide and vague

2.2. Wander around the main idea without ever stating it precisely

2.3. Always point out this kind of repetition with the phrase ‘As previously …’

3. Don't be reasonable or concrete

3.1. Do not develop your ideas

3.2. Simply re-state them in safe, spongy generalisations

3.3. Don’t bother finding evidence to support what you say

4. Rush the proposal

4.1. Settle topic on whatever first comes to mind

4.2. Rush through the process to beat deadlines

4.3. Don't produce the best possible write up

5. Relax after proposal have been approved

5.1. Forget about the fact that master thesis should be finished too

5.2. Forget about allocating the work within a specific, predetermined time frame

6. Fail to get organized

6.1. Do not make a plan of action at all

6.2. Forget to determine specific tasks

6.3. Forget to name and identify each material needed in the process

7. Learn everything

7.1. Read so much that you never start that research

7.2. Do not be focused on the goal-making

7.3. Take lots of classes in areas that have nothing to do with your research

8. Isolate yourself

8.1. Don’t let anyone else do your copy editing

8.2. Don’t ask other very smart people with different experience and ways of viewing problems for their opinions

8.3. Never ask for advice if you find something difficult

8.4. Never admit that you’re making less progress than you think you should

8.5. Don’t discuss your research

8.6. Wait till you write your thesis before you attempt to explain your work for the first time

9. Do not follow the plan of action

9.1. Disregard your plan of action

9.2. Disregard its corresponding schedule

10. Fail to submit master thesis drafts on time

10.1. Do not make any drafts at all

10.2. Forget about major improvement or revisions during writing

11. Don't bother

11.1. Leave data consolidation and writing till the very end

11.2. Spend all your time reacting to new things

11.3. Do everything important at the last minute