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Career choices by Mind Map: Career choices

1. my top 5 are

1.1. 1. Electronic repairer

1.2. 2. corporate security officers

1.3. 3. aircraft inspector

1.4. developer

1.5. programmer

2. Matchmaker and skills assessment

2.1. Electronics repairers also known as electronics technicians use electronic. equipment and others specialize in certain items.

3. Abilities

3.1. finger dexterity ability to move the fingers and manipulate small objects with the fingers rapidly.

3.2. numerical ability to carry out arithmetical processes quickly.

3.3. General learning ability to catch on or understand instructions and underlying principle; to reason and make judgements.

4. Interests

4.1. technology careers

4.1.1. software developer

4.1.2. computer programmer

4.1.3. biofuels

4.1.4. robotics

4.1.5. network and security

4.2. math and engineering

4.3. wellness and athletics careers

5. people, data and things

5.1. gathering, sorting and organizing information/data or fighting out calculations.

5.2. Corporate security officers

5.3. mortgage brokers

5.4. Correctional service officers

5.5. court recorders

5.6. court clerks

6. work preference

6.1. objective,directive,methodical

6.2. objective persons enjoy working with tools equipment, instruments. And machinery.

6.3. directive persons liked to take charge and control situations.

6.4. methodical persons have clear rules and organized methods to guide activities.

6.5. aircraft inspector

6.5.1. firefighter,flying instructors,air traffic controller,landscaper

7. multiple intelligences

7.1. musical

7.1.1. creating and feeling a rhythm to express a mood

7.2. intrapersonal

7.2.1. understanding your own interior thoughts.

7.3. logical-mathematical

7.3.1. reasoning, logical thinking; handing mathematical problems.

8. learning styles

8.1. Auditory learner

8.1.1. after reading something,make a summary and say it out loud i'd give myself a 3 on this one because i find it easier to listen then rather to read because reading is hard for me

8.2. Tactile

8.2.1. which learning takes place by the people carrying out physical activities, rather than listening to a lecture or watching demonstrations. i'd give myself a 2 because i like to fidget with things sometimes

8.3. visual learner

8.3.1. Visual learning is a teaching and learning style in which ideas, concepts, data, and other information are associated with images and techniques. It is one of the three basic types of learning styles in the widely used i give myself a 1 because i barely use my eyes to read things i use the sound of things

9. top 5 occupations