Terminology for Religious Education

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Terminology for Religious Education by Mind Map: Terminology for Religious Education

1. Evangelization

1.1. proclamation of good news to those that do not believe in Christianity

1.2. teachers of religious education could be viewed as evangelists

1.3. This could be seen in the Kerygmatic approach to teaching Religious Education

2. Religious Education

2.1. Taught in all catholic schools

2.2. this approach has varied in Australian schools over the years

2.3. More than teaching doctrines of Catholic Church. Modern day catholicism calls for critical thinkers

3. Religious Studies

3.1. Teaching religion with no articulation of faith

3.2. Phenomenological approach that can be seen in state schools

3.3. Allows for many religions to be taught and understood

4. Catechesis

4.1. dialogue between believers of the Catholic Community

4.2. during life centred approach of religion this meant that revelation was an ongoing process

4.3. during shared christian Praxis this meant critical reflection.

5. Faith Development

5.1. leads someone to a deeper understanding of their faith

5.2. Can be strongly seen in the shared christian praxis approach

5.3. Life centred approach also takes into account the life experience and interests of student to deeper their understanding of roman catholic religion